“How financially secure are my travel arrangements?”
We are members of IATA, ABTA and also hold an ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s Licence) which therefore gives you full financial security when booking with us

“What number do I call Out of Hours?”
Phone lines are diverted to Day Office staff mobiles outside office hours, there is no separate number to call i.e. main number 020 7437 3601 answers 24/7

“Why is the trip locator given to me not working?”
The surname you input must match exactly what’s in the booking. There are no spaces, apostrophes or hyphens permitted on the booking system e.g. O’Connor should be input as OConnor. Neither the surname nor trip locator are case sensitive

“Why is Online Check-in not working?”
Online check-in is not a guaranteed service, the airline may decide to take direct control of check-in process and handle it at the airport. There are a number of reasons why online check-in might not work, some are listed below:

  • Online check-in is not yet open. There is no industry standard for when online check-in opens and closes, it is at the discretion of each airline e.g. BA opens 24 hours prior to departure whereas Aer Lingus opens 30 hours prior

  • The flight is heavily booked or overbooked so the airline has decided to close online check-in and handle that at the airport

  • For online check-in you must use the Airline Reference we send you or as shown on trip locator i.e. our trip locator should not be used for online check-in

  • You have a provisional reservation in place but e-ticket has not yet been issued

“Do I require a Visa for my trip?”
For Passport and Visa assistance we refer our clients to CIBT Visas http://cibtvisas.co.uk/index.php?login=360travel

“Do I need any health advice for my destination?”
Please visit https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice

“How safe is the place I am travelling to?”
Please visit https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice